Draculaura is 1,599 years old, and is Dracula's daughter. Her pet is a bat named Count Fabulous. She is a vegan vampire, meaning she doesn't eat blood.

Monster High Website Profile
Age 1,599 (I can’t wait for my Sweet 1600th)
Killer Style My dad calls me Draculaura but to my friends I’m Ula D. I love to splash my black outfits with some cheery pink and I even carry a frilly umbrella so I can take an occasional walk in the sun
Freaky Flaw ince I can’t see my reflection in a mirror, I have to leave the house not knowing if my clothes and makeup are just right. Of course after 1,599 years of practice I’ve gotten pretty good at it.
Pet Count Fabulous is my BFF (Bat Friend Forever), he’s a very proud and proper bat but I just can’t help but dressing him in the cutest little outfits.
Favorite Activity I love smiling, laughing, and encouraging my friends.
Biggest Pet Peeve The lack of vegan selections in the Monster High™ creepateria is so sad.
Favorite School Subject Creative Writing. It gives me a chance to write sweet stories about my friends.
Least Favorite School Subject Geography. After 1,599 years I’ve been everywhere…twice.
Favorite Color Pink
Favorite Food I’m a vegan, no icky blood for me, so it’s fruits, vegetables and a lot of iron supplements.
BFFs Frankie Stein and Clawdeen Wolf.


Draculaura is sweet and friendly. She likes to help out her friends.

Physical DescriptionEdit


Draculaura has black and pink-streaked hair, pulled into two ponytails. She is very pale, with purple eyes and visible fangs. She has a pink heart on her cheek.

She is visibly shorter than Lagoona Blue.

Universal MonsterEdit



Draculaura wears a white skirt with a pink vest over a dark shirt with frilly sleeves and collar, and pink boots with dark tights. She carries an umbrella.

Dawn of the DanceEdit

Draculaura wears a pink velvet strapless dress with separate pink sleeves and a white ruffle. Her accessories are a white collar and a white heart-shaped hat with a small black veil. Her shoes are black and pink inverted heels.

Gloom BeachEdit

Draculaura wears a black one-piece bathing suit with pink hearts and straps, and a frilly top. She wears a yellow wrap with pink polka dots around her waist, pink sunglasses, and black sandals with pink and yellow straps. Her hair is down and she wears purple lipstick.

Draculaura AppearancesEdit

Web Series AppearancesEdit

Webisode # Title Release Date
1 Jaundice Brothers Main Character
2 Talon Show Main Character
3 Fear Squad Main Character
4 Substitute Creature Main Character
5 Party Planners Main Character
6 Blue Lagoona Main Character
7 Copy Canine Main Character
8 The Hot Boy Main Character
10 Photofinish Main Character
11 Cyrano de Ghoulia Main Character
12 A Bad Zituation Main Character
13 Clawditions Main Character
14 Freedom Fight Cameo
16 Freakout Friday Main Character

Tv Series AppearancesEdit

Webisode # Title Release Date
1 Dawn of The Dance Main Character